Changes to bin collections coming this July

Date 25/6/2015

PR 4983

Residents across the district have received letters telling them that the planned changes to bin collections will happen during the week of 13 July.

Wakefield Council is making the changes as part of a £100m project which has seen its partner, Shanks Waste Management, creating one of the most high-tech recycling facilities in Europe at South Kirkby.

The 22 acre facility will deal with all of the district's waste, diverting 95% away from landfill, increasing the district's recycling rate to almost 50% in its first year and turning what can't be recycled into energy. It's also the site of the new household waste recycling centre which opened earlier this year.

Cllr Maureen Cummings, Cabinet member for Environment and Communities, said: "The changes we're making to the way we collect and deal with our rubbish will result in a better environment for the district in the long term.

"We're making it easier for people to recycle by enabling them to put all their recycling on one bin and using technology to ensure that the smallest amount of waste possible goes to landfill.

"After a false start in March when some of the equipment for the new recycling facility was stuck in North America, we're now keen to set the district on this new, more sustainable path and take advantage of the cutting-edge technology that we now have at the South Kirkby site.

"Please do look carefully at the details in your letter, which also shows your new bin calendar, to see if you need to do anything differently from 13 July."

Glynn Humphries, Service Director Environment and Streetscene, said:

"This is the biggest change in the district's waste collections for many years and affects more than 150,000 households. We will do our absolute best to make sure things go as smoothly as possible. Please bear with us, if we don't get it right please get in touch and we'll sort it out as soon as we can."

Wakefield Council might also be collecting people's bins at a different time of day from 14 July, so please wait until 5pm before letting the Council know if it has not collected your bin. People can do this easily online at or by calling 0345 8 506 506.

The changes mean that around a third of residents will have a different bin day as routes have been re-designed to make them the most efficient once the South Kirkby facility opens.

Almost everyone will be using just three bins – one for household waste, one for garden waste and one for recycling. Residents are being asked to put the glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles and cans they currently put in a box into what's currently their paper and cardboard bin after their last recycling box collection.

Collections will remain weekly, with recycling collected one week and household waste collected the other.

The Council is also encouraging people to help maximise what can be recycled by only putting the right things in their bin and by washing and squashing items before recycling them.

The high-tech facility uses the latest in recycling technology to automatically sort recyclable materials such as paper and cardboard, glass, cans and plastic bottles.

Lasers are used to identify the right type of plastic, an electric current makes aluminium cans ping into the correct hopper and a series of conveyor belts and machines simultaneously sort paper and glass. It also houses one of the largest waste autoclaves in the country, which will treat the waste as part of the process of generating energy to power the site.

The facility can handle up to 230,000 tonnes of waste a year and will generate roughly three quarters of its own energy needs from the waste it processes.

Wakefield Council is also working on a YouTube video and online game which people can play to learn more about the recycling facility and what can be recycled under the new system.