Wakefield Council launches Housing Benefit campaign

​Date: 16/4/2015

PR 4930

Wakefield Council has launched a campaign to ensure that people in the district are not suffering hardship by missing out on Housing Benefit payments.

The Council wants to ensure that residents know how and when to claim, and how they can let the council know about any change in their circumstances - such as moving house, or taking up paid employment.

Judith Badger, Director of Finance, Property and Resources at Wakefield Council, said: "It is important that people are paid the benefits they are entitled to, and we don't want anyone to suffer hardship by not claiming.

"But if people's circumstances change, they can't rely on someone else to tell the Council about it. It is their responsibility to tell us straight away. If they don't do this, they could be overpaid and have to pay money back. They could also face potential legal action, as it is a criminal offence not to tell the Council about any changes that may affect their benefits."

To report changes in circumstance residents can fill out a form by visiting the Council's website www.wakefield.gov.uk/housingbenefit or by call 0345 8 504 504.

People can also get information on benefits from the Council's Wakefield One Customer Access Point in Burton Street, which is open Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm, or by emailing benefitsservice@wakefield.gov.uk