Deadline to register for general and local elections is days away

Voters have just a few days to make sure they are registered to vote in the general and local elections next month.

Monday 20 April is the final date to register for this year’s elections on 7 May.

A new system called ‘Individual Electoral Registration’ has been introduced this year and every individual is responsible for registering themselves.

Under the old system the ‘head of each household’ could register everyone who lived at their address.

Most people who are already registered to vote have been moved onto the new system automatically, so many may not need to do anything, but others will need to join the new register. Anyone who has moved house recently, or changed other details such as their name, may not be registered correctly so should contact Electoral Services to check.

Joanne Roney, OBE, Electoral Registration Officer for Wakefield Council said: “Anyone not yet registered to vote should do so as soon as possible in order for them to be able to have their say on issues that affect their lives.”

The General Election is on 7 May and there are three seats in the district – at Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford, Hemsworth, and at Wakefield - where voters will decide who will represent them as their Member of Parliament for the next five years.

On the same day one third of Wakefield Council’s seats ( 21) will also be up for election. In some parts of the district, voters will also be electing to their town and parish councils.

People who are not sure if they are registered should contact the Electoral Services team, telephone 01924 305023, email To register to vote go to

Anyone who has already contacted the team to advise of changes, or has registered to vote does not need to do anything.