A step closer to Smokefree Play Parks in Castleford

Date: 05/08/14

Wakefield Council is working on new plans to reduce the amount of exposure children have to tobacco in playparks.

All five children's play parks in Castleford are taking part in the campaign from the community based on a survey*. This is done by communicating the positive behaviour of the community, back into the community. Evidence suggests that this innovative method of communication will trigger a change in others, so that they act in a way they believe is the norm.

The key campaign message "9 out of 10 people in Castleford choose to keep their local play park Smokefree" will be displayed in the area throughout the Summer. In addition to the four local authority parks in the Castleford area, Junction 32 Shopping Village are also participating in the campaign.

A survey* of park users took place in Castleford this May. Participants were asked to guess how many people they thought smoked in a children's play park, they estimated that around 57% of park users smoked in them. However their estimates were much higher than is actually the case.

Cllr Pat Garbutt, Cabinet Member for Adults and Health, said: "We hope that when local residents realise how uncommon it is to smoke in children's play parks, it will simply become unacceptable for anyone to do so. We are keen to protect children from the harmful physical effects of second hand smoke, but equally keen to de-normalise smoking.

"We know that children who grow up with a parent or family member who smokes is three times more likely to smoke themselves. This campaign, with the backing of the local community, will reduce the visual exposure that children have to people smoking."

Lisa Measures from Junction 32 Shopping Village said "We're proud to be supporting Wakefield Council's Smokefree Parks campaign.

"It's a really positive message and we hope by supporting the campaign we can encourage play parks to be a healthier environment for children to play in both here at Junction 32 and other parks across Castleford."

For more information about this campaign visit www.wakefield.gov.uk/smokefreewakefield  
For anyone wanting to stop smoking contact Wakefield's Stop Smoking team on 01977 465449 or text EASY4 to 64446 and a member of the team will call you back.

*Survey sample - 501 play park users in Castleford.