Council urges recycling over the sporting season

​Date: 26/06/2014

Wakefield Council and Shanks Waste Management are working with partners to remind residents the importance of recycling over the sporting season.

With celebrations taking place around the district over Football, Tour De France and Wimbledon, the Council is urging residents to recycle waste left over from barbecues, parties, and take away's. Many items can be recycled quickly and easily by cleaning them and putting them in recycle bins, including drink cans, plastic bottles, trays, glass bottles, jars, foil trays, cardboard boxes and take away cartons.

Cllr Maureen Cummings, Cabinet member for Environment and Communities said: "With residents celebrating these various sporting events, it is important to remind everyone to recycle left over waste and do their bit for the district.

"Recycling is a quick and easy way to help save energy and look after the environment and I urge everyone to recycle over this sporting season and beyond."

Peter Eglinton, Managing Director of Shanks UK said: "It's fantastic that we are working with partners to encourage residents to recycle their waste.

"Together, we can make more from waste by recycling everyday items which in turn reduces our dependency on virgin materials.

Metal cans are 100% recyclable; they can be recycled again and again and be back on the shelf within 60 days. One metal drinks can, over the year, can be recycled eight times saving enough energy to make another 160 cans. Whilst glass bottles can be turned into more bottles and jars, and plastic bottles can be recycled into new park benches.

For further information on recycling visit