Council’s Cabinet to discuss changes to bin collections

​Ref: PR 4589
Date: 09/06/2014

Wakefield Council's key decision makers are to discuss plans to transform waste collection and treatment services, to improve waste collection and recycling in the district.

The report highlights that guidance from the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) for local Councils to use weekly bin collections will not be implemented as the current system of alternate weekly collections is working well and achieving high recycling targets and reducing landfill waste.

The report to Cabinet recommends a new waste collection strategy - the Three Stream Service. At the moment residents have a box for cans, plastic bottles and glass bottles, a wheeled bin for paper and cardboard, a wheeled bin for garden waste and a further bin for residual waste. When implemented, the new service would see the removal of the box and dry recyclables to be placed in the paper and cardboard wheeled bin. This will ensure that the waste can then be processed at the new state of the art waste treatment facility at South Kirkby.

These changes will ensure that the Council can reduce the amount of waste disposed to landfill by 93% and minimise the cost of landfilling waste. It will also increase the amount of waste that is recycled and composted in the district, from 40% to at least 52%.

Cllr Maureen Cummings, Cabinet Member for Environment and Communities, said: "We are committed to delivering a high quality and value for money bin collection service for residents. These changes will make sure that we can still maintain this fantastic level of service in spite of unprecedented financial pressures from central government.

"We are now in a long term partnership with Shanks to increase recycling and lower the amount of waste sent to landfill by more than the amount required, to ensure that we protect our local environment for future generations to enjoy. The new waste treatment facilities offer us a high level of innovation so that we can continue to deliver this efficient service to residents over the next 25 years."

Extensive communications will take place towards the end of the year as part of the changes.

If approved, the report will then be examined by the Overview and Scrutiny Committee before being implemented.

The report is being discussed at the Cabinet meeting on June 17.