Council supports National Big Energy Saving Week 2021

18/01/2021, PR-9792

​Wakefield Council is supporting Big Energy Saving Week 2021 (18 - 24 January) by helping residents to overcome energy-related issues.

January is traditionally a tough month when it comes to energy and all bills, with many people across the UK having to make difficult choices about whether they can afford to heat their homes. This year is even more challenging with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

People may also be struggling and anxious, worried about receiving high energy bills with spending more time at home and using their heating and electric much more than normal due to isolating or working from home over the past few months.

A range of help is available from the Council's Energy and Homeowner Support Team with advice, grants and support available right now to help people who are struggling with their energy bills at this challenging time. They can also help everyone with simple energy advice and basic 'hints and tips' to save energy and be smarter when using heating and appliances during the winter and through the pandemic.

The 'Money Smart' service can also help with free money, debt, benefit entitlement and income maximisation advice and support.

Advice is also available on national financial support with paying for energy, including the 'Warm Homes Discount', the 'Winter Fuel Payment' and the 'Cold Weather Payment', as well as how people may be able to get help through their energy company with emergency fuel grants and the 'Priority Services Register'.

The Council currently has a range of grant and loan schemes currently taking applications to help with the cost of making insulation and heating home improvements. All of the work is done through the Council's approved installers.

Cllr Darren Byford
Cllr Darren Byford

​Big Energy Saving Week is a national campaign by Citizens Advice and Energy Saving Trust to highlight the advice and financial support available to help people cut their energy bills this winter.

Bid Energy Saving Week 2021 highlights the types of problems people may be facing with their energy bills this winter and they are:

  • Are they struggling with energy bills or in debt with their fuel supplier?
  • Are they anxious about their energy bills so switching off the heat to save money?
  • They have high cost electric-only heating making it expensive to heat their home and think they can't switch suppliers?
  • Despite the high cost and inconvenience, they feel stuck and reluctant to move from a pre-payment meter due to a lack of options?
  • They are digitally excluded because energy supplier's focus on digital communication and payments and they don't feel confident or have no access to the internet?

Anyone who thinks they fall in to any of these groups are urged to contact the Council's Energy and Homeowner Support Team for help. They can be contacted on 01924 305887 or via email at

Alternatively check out or the Energy and Homeowner Support Team Facebook page @wakefieldenergy for more information on what's available.