Council act to manage coronavirus outbreak at Urban House, Wakefield

10/07/2020, PR-9473

​Wakefield Council has been working closely with the Mears Group, who run Urban House in Wakefield, and Public Health England, to manage a small outbreak of COVID-19 at the centre.

Urban House is an initial accommodation centre for those people who are supported to seek asylum and refuge. It is run by the Mears Group, a housing care provider, under a Home Office Contract.

The affected residents have been isolated and are being treated and supported at another location. Wakefield Council is setting up a mobile testing unit to test the remaining staff and residents to help limit any further potential spread.

Measures have been put in place to manage the infection risk and no new residents have come to Urban House since the outbreak was identified.

NHS staff continue to provide healthcare to Urban House residents on a daily basis in the same way they have throughout the pandemic.

Anna Hartley, Wakefield Council’s Director of Public Health, said: “We are aware of a small outbreak of COVID-19 at Urban House.

“A mobile testing unit is being set up at the site and we’re continuing to work closely with Mears Group, the Home Office and Public Health England to help limit any further potential spread.

“Please be reassured that the risk to those in the local area is very low, however, we ask everyone to please continue to follow Government guidance on regular handwashing and social distancing to help keep yourself and others safe. If you are displaying symptoms please get a test by or call 119.”

All public health media enquiries should be directed to Wakefield Council and all non-public health media enquiries in relation to Urban House should be directed to the Home Office. 

Wakefield city centre