Cabinet to approve coronavirus recovery plan

07/07/2020, PR-9466

​Wakefield Council's Cabinet are being asked to approve plans to address the impact of the coronavirus on the district's economy.

The response plan will set out the Council's proposed approach to business support, inward investment, skills and employment and housing and regeneration over the next six months as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic becomes clearer.

It will ensure that businesses are supported to recover from these difficult times, by detailing how businesses will be helped to adapt and survive through innovation, access to new markets and exploitation of local supply chain opportunities; as well as how the district will be promoted to drive inward investment, bringing new business and employment opportunities to Wakefield.

Residents who find themselves unemployed will be supported to find work through programmes such as Step Up and the Council will work with local employers to understand their skills needs - now and in the future - to improve the skills of both the existing workforce and future jobs in order to sustain economic growth in these challenging times.

Other aspects of the plan include providing accessible homeowner and tenant support and advice with money, debt and mortgages and to continue to find new ways to revive and repurpose our town centres in the current climate of overwhelming changes.

Cllr Darren Byford
Cllr Darren Byford

​Cllr Darren Byford, Wakefield Council's Cabinet Member for Economic Growth and Regeneration, said: "We understand that this has been a very challenging and uncertain time for our residents and businesses and we want to reassure everyone that we are planning for what comes next as well as offering support in the here and now.

"The response plan sets out how we will help our local economy and residents to recover from the coronavirus pandemic and get even stronger in the future."

Members of Wakefield's Cabinet are meeting virtually on Tuesday 14 July at 10.30am. The meeting can be watched live or later on the Council's website.