Council seeks nature park to be legally recognised as a local nature reserve

08/06/2020, PR-9427

Wakefield Councillors are to be asked to give the green light to plans to change the status of Lofthouse Colliery Nature Park to become a Local Nature Reserve.

Cllr Maureen Cummings
Cllr Maureen Cummings

The Council is seeking to get approval for the legal change to the land, which would mean it could bid for more funding to help protect the local environment, boost local wildlife and improve the area for residents.


Cabinet members will be asked to approve the proposals at their meeting on Tuesday 16 June.


Cllr Maureen Cummings, Cabinet Member for Communities, Environment and Poverty, said: “We are very lucky in our district to have so many open spaces, and it has been fantastic to see how the land at the former Lofthouse Colliery has been transformed over the years to become so popular with residents as a great place to visit and to the local enjoy wildlife.


“We are keen to look at how we can protect and enhance this outdoor space so that it can be enjoyed by people now and by future generations.”


The site is currently maintained by the Council and supported by a local volunteer group who meet on a regular basis.


No additional works would be required for the land to become a designated Local Nature Reserve.


The land contains a heritage trail, woodland areas, heathland, wildflower-rich grassland and several ponds, which together support a rich variety of wildlife.


A five-year Management Plan was prepared in 2015 with aim of working towards achieving Local Nature Reserve status for the site.



The meeting of the Council’s Cabinet on Tuesday 16 June at 10.30am will be held virtually and residents can watch the meeting live or later at