Stop the drop - keep Wakefield’s parks litter free

03/06/2020, PR-9420

​Despite the change in weather, lots of people are expected to visit the district's parks and country parks now that lockdown is easing and Wakefield Council is urging them not to litter.

Not only does it spoil the local environment and harms wildlife, it costs the Council money and staffing resources to clean up.

Last weekend saw extensive littering in many parks, with the Council forced to get rid of three times the normal amount of litter.

After the success of last year's #LitterPickMeUp campaign, which saw a significant improvement to the environment in local communities across the district, the Council are once again asking residents to take personal responsibility for their litter, by either simply using the bins provided or taking it home.

Cllr Maureen Cummings
Cllr Maureen Cummings

​Cllr Maureen Cummings, Wakefield Council's Cabinet Member for Environment, Communities and Poverty, said: "While it has been wonderful to see so many people enjoying our parks and country parks recently, there is absolutely no excuse for the litter that has been left behind.

"It was so heartening to see the results from last year's #LitterPickMeUp campaign and it would be such a shame for all that hard work by our residents and volunteers to go to waste. Litter spoils everyone's experience of parks and open spaces. Everyone should be able to visit and leave no trace by making sure they take home any litter generated.

"Even though the Council have been working hard to empty the bins as often as we can, it is everyone's responsibility to #StoptheDrop, clean up their rubbish and take it home if needs be, so that our parks and country parks are a clean and welcoming place for everyone to enjoy."

The Council has provided information and guidance on its dedicated coronavirus information web page at

Cllr Cummings asks residents to #StoptheDrop