Wakefield Council urges people to avoid lighting bonfires this weekend and beyond

09/04/2020, PR-9378

Wakefield Council is urging residents not to light bonfires during the coronavirus outbreak because the smoke could adversely affect those with breathing difficulties

Wakefield city centre

During this unprecedented time, the Council is asking for people to put the health and wellbeing of others first, to keep people in the district safe.


With the garden bin service suspended and household recycling centres temporarily closed, the Council is asking people to resist the temptation to have a bonfire. And instead to store their garden waste, or compost it until normal services resume, once the national Cornonavirus outbreak has steadied and services can reopen.

Cllr Maureen Cummings
Cllr Maureen Cummings

Cllr Maureen Cummings, Cabinet Member for Environment, Communities and Poverty at Wakefield Council said: “Under normal circumstances we know that at this time of year many people like to have a bonfire to get rid of garden waste.


“But in these unprecedented times and with many people affected by coronavirus - with one of the main symptoms being difficulties with breathing, I am asking everyone to stop, think and consider others by avoiding lighting garden fires, however tempting this may seem.


“People will be confined to their homes with health issues and won’t be able to open their windows, if someone nearby has a bonfire.”


Residents are also asked to be tolerant and patient to others over the bank holiday of noise they may not normally hear such as musical instruments being played, children’s playing and banging noises and loud talking. Being able to hear noise from elsewhere, doesn’t make it unreasonable.


Added Cllr Cummings: “We have a great community spirit in our district and we all have responsibility to support each other, especially being confined to our homes for most of the day. So please continue to be a good and considerate neighbour this weekend, and beyond.