Going greener with new electric bin lifts

09/03/2020, PR-9325

Wakefield Council has taken delivery of electric lifts for its refuse trucks - as one of the first steps it is taking to cut vehicle emissions and tackle climate change.

The Council has made a firm commitment to become carbon neutral by 2030, and is developing a Climate Emergency Action Plan, that includes utilising the latest technologies to support its goal.

As part of the initiative it is gradually replacing its older refuse collection vehicles, with more environmentally friendly vehicles. Two new refuse vehicles have been purchased which have come fitted with electric lifts to empty bins, and a further 11 of these vehicles will join the fleet over the next 12 months.

The technology means there’s no longer a need to power the lifts directly from the vehicles’ engines when the bins are lifted up to be emptied.

This will save money by cutting fuel consumption by 14 percent, will be kinder to the environment through reducing emissions, and contribute to carbon savings.

Cllr Jack Hemingwa, (pictured), Deputy Leader of Wakefield Council and Cabinet Member for Climate Change, said: “We are fully committed to playing our part in tackling climate change and protecting the environment for future generations.

“By taking a series of actions, such as introducing these new electric bin lifts, we can make progress towards achieving our goal of becoming carbon neutral.”

The bin lift system will also reduce noise from when the bin is being lifted, benefiting residents and businesses with early morning collections.

The Council’s Climate Emergency Action Plan was launched last year in response to a United Nations report warning of dire consequences if global warming is not addressed.

 The Council plan aims to help protect the planet and support the wider district to reduce its carbon emissions.  It includes improving energy efficiency in Council buildings, changing vehicles to alternative fuels and planting more trees to achieve the carbon neutral goal.

To find out more about our plans to tackle climate change and how you can help visit www.wakefield.gov.uk/climate