'More money in my pocket’ scheme is launched

05/11/2019, PR-9223


​Everyone wants their money to stretch as far as possible to manage day to day costs and to plan ahead for the future. The Council wants to play its part in helping people to help themselves.

The Council has created a £1.5m 'More Money in My Pocket' programme to support more people into jobs, get access to the right benefits and reduce household expenditure, such as fuel and food bills.

Cllr Peter Box CBE
Cllr Peter Box CBE, Leader of Wakefield Council
Cllr Peter Box CBE, Leader of Wakefield Council, said: "One of the Council's priorities is to improve the quality of life for everyone but especially those on low incomes. Although the solution to long-term poverty is rooted in education, skills and wider economic development issues there is a pressing need for practical solutions immediately to ease costs and burdens on those with low incomes. I am therefore pleased that Cabinet today approved such a programme.


"There are many ways in which we can help families to put more money in their pocket. It is not just about saving money but also about getting the right benefits, the right training or a better paying job."


The 'More Money in My Pocket Fund' is a new and improved version of programmes that the Council had been offering, with expert advice so that people can use the information to help themselves.


The programme covers several areas of pressing needs including how to save cash by reducing outgoings such as energy bills. Working with partners it aims to expand the existing money advice services to reach an additional 1,200 families over two years, with the scheme open to anyone who rents or owns their home.


Initiatives will also help people who are currently out of work either to get work experience or support them returning to work. They can, for example, get help with travel money to get to and from work.


People can also get information, such as how to take up school meals and other benefits they may be entitled to, which will reduce household expenditure.


There's also potential for a dedicated job coach team to be set up that would support people with Special Educational Needs to find work with long-term prospects.


More information on the 'Money in My Pocket' scheme will be available on the Council website soon. In the meantime you can read our current advice.