Community group helps bring firework display to Thornes Park

23/10/2019, PR-9210A

(L-R) Ian Deighton, Melvyn Eddy and Cllr Michael Graham
(L-R) Ian Deighton, Melvyn Eddy and Cllr Michael Graham

​A free community firework display will take place in Thornes Park this year on Saturday 2 November.

The community event is being presented by Melvyn Eddy after the Friends of CHaT Parks asked Wakefield Council to provide financial support. The Council's funding means that it will be a free event for everyone to enjoy.

Cllr Denise Jeffery
Cllr Denise Jeffery

​Deputy Leader, Cllr Denise Jeffery, said: "We understood that people were disappointed when we had to stop our annual event at Thornes Park. We also know it's important that it remains a free event so have offered financial support to the organisers."

Cllr Michael Graham
Cllr Michael Graham

​Cllr Michael Graham, who has worked closely with the Friends of CHaT Parks, said: "The firework display at Thornes Park has been missed by residents and we have worked hard to try and find a way to bring a community event back to the park.

"Firework displays bring communities together and this event is something that will bring some fun and sparkle to local residents in the area."

Ian Deighton, Chairman of the Friends of CHaT Parks, said: "Thornes Park is an ideal location for an annual firework event, which has been sorely missed by the local community in recent years.

"On behalf of the Friends of CHaT Parks, I'd like to thank the Wakefield Express and others for getting behind the campaign to provide a safe event in the park. I'd also like to thank Cllr Michael Graham and Wakefield Council for finding a way to help us to establish a community event and, although it won't be on the same scale as previous year's events, it will be a fantastic evening for the local community to enjoy."

Melvyn Eddy said: "It's great to be able to help to ensure that there will be a firework display this year. My family has been associated with the event in Thornes Park for a number of generations and we wish to keep the tradition alive.

"We are pleased to be working with the Friends of ChaT Parks to promote the park, make the event happen, and for Wakefield Council's support to keep it a free entry event. I hope everybody comes along and has an enjoyable evening."

The event starts at 6pm with the low noise children's firework display at approximately 6.30pm, followed by the main firework display at approximately 8.30pm. Ridings FM will be on stage throughout the night and there will entertainment including fire breathers, LED dance-bots, hot and cold food, as well as a family funfair - subject to ground conditions.

No fireworks, sparklers or alcohol will be allowed on site for health and safety reasons. Anyone attending the event is advised to wear appropriate footwear as ground conditions can be slippery.

There will be a voluntary bucket collection for the Friends of ChaT Parks (charity number 1166255) at the firework display and the local community are asked to give generously towards keeping attractions in the park.

The event has received £42k funding from Wakefield Council to enable the independent organisers to keep it as a free community event.

Full details of the event can be found at the Friends of CHaTs Park website and Facebook page.