Cabinet to review Council Tax Support scheme

01/10/2019, PR-9187

​Changes have been proposed to make it easier to help thousands of people on low incomes to meet their Council Tax bills.

The proposed changes would see calculations based on a simpler income banded scheme rather than the current complex system which fluctuates frequently for those on Universal Credit.

If the changes to the Council Tax Support (CTS) scheme are approved by Cabinet Members at their 8 October meeting, it will go forward for Full Council approval in November and come into effect on 1 April 2020.

Wakefield city centre

​Cllr Les Shaw, Wakefield Council's Cabinet Member for Corporate Services, said: "The introduction of Universal Credit back in November last year has meant that people's income is constantly changing and has seen many residents end up with a new Council Tax bill almost every month.

"This is frustrating and complicated for our residents and also puts extra pressure on workload and service delivery within the Council.

"We hope this new scheme will be easier for people to understand and identify whether they might qualify and removes us having to respond to every minor change made to a resident's income by Universal Credit."

There are 26,000 residents currently receiving CTS, which under law, must be reviewed annually. The scheme came into force in April 2013.

The report will be discussed at Cabinet on 8 October from 10.30am at Wakefield Town Hall. You can watch the meeting live or later at

Cllr Les Shaw
Cllr Les Shaw