Employment and training programme for Knottingley

19/06/2019, PR-9093

A new one-stop service linking people in Knottingley and Ferrybridge to local jobs and training opportunities is being launched.

Known as STEP UP, it is a bespoke, employment and skills programme designed to improve local residents' opportunities to develop new skills and build confidence to progress in work.

The project will support those in work to gain qualifications and identify opportunities which will enable them to progress into higher paid work. Another major part of this project is to create opportunities to undertake in-work training to improve promotion prospects.

It will also support those out of work to improve confidence, particularly by identifying appropriate job roles and developing interview skills in order to gain work or engage in further education.

The project aims to improve the financial stability of households and develop a stronger community with sustained job prospects and higher level skills.

STEP UP is being rolled out in Knottingley and Ferrybridge as a pilot from 1 July and then across the district in 2020.


Cllr Michael Graham, Cabinet Member for Skills, Digital and Technology Capability, said "The STEP UP programme is part of the £50million Knottingley Vision and Action Plan which were developed together with residents, businesses and students.

"This is an exciting time for the Council in the development of its employment and skills programmes which brings together a wide range of partners and employers to support local residents into jobs and higher skills. STEP UP is a key project in the Wakefield District Economic Strategy and we are looking forward to working with businesses and residents to be in a position to take advantage of industry changes and the careers opportunities that exist now and in the future."

Cllr Michael Graham
Cllr Michael Graham

The sessions will be held at Kellingley Club, Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 4.30pm in the first instance with some late night openings following. They are all free of charge.

This programme also aims to work with local employers to identify their skills needs so that local residents can be offered training to ensure they can apply for work locally with confidence. The project is currently in search of residents looking to improve their career opportunities and employers looking to upskill their workforce or recruit new employees.

For more information on how STEP UP can support you as an individual or as a business, please text or call 07584 532 887.