Fly-tipper ordered to pay over £1,000

15/04/2019, PR-9035

A man who advertised an illegal waste disposal service on Facebook has been ordered to pay £1,547 in total after being caught fly-tipping in a hot spot fly-tipping area in the district.

Gareth Lightowler, aged 31, of William Royd Lane, Heckmondwike, dumped bags of waste, which included building materials such as bricks and wood, in the countryside car park of local beauty spot Smawell Lane in Notton.

Following diligent enquires, the waste was traced back to an address where officers were informed he was advertising his waste removal service on Facebook.

The people had been duped by the false statement that he was 'fully licensed with all permits'.

At Leeds Magistrates' Court, Mr Lightowler pleaded guilty to a breach of a Duty of Care offence as a broker of waste. He was ordered to pay an £800 fine, compensation of £210, costs of £457 and a victim surcharge of £80. The Deputy District Judge stated his offences were despicable.

Residents are being reminded they also have a responsibility when handing over their waste to ensure the person taking it away has a licence to dispose of their items. Under the law they can also be fined or taken to court, if they hand waste to an unregistered trader who disposes of it illegally.

Glynn Humphries, Wakefield Council's Service Director for Environment and Streetscene, said: "Fly-tipping is a serious, criminal offence that costs councils vast amounts of money to clean-up.

"We do not tolerate this behaviour and we will take action against those responsible. It is a blight on our communities and we will use every tool available to identify and take action against those responsible.

"There are many options for people to legally and safely dispose of their waste. Be careful who takes your waste away – as it's the responsibility of all residents to check they are doing so in the right way and that it is legal."

People can report fly-tippers by calling 0345 8 506 506 or on the Council's website. Please provide as much detail as possible. If you witness a crime being committed then call 999.

Residents can dispose of their waste legally by:

·         Taking it to one of the Council's household waste recycling centres

·         Taking it to a charity

·         Booking a bulky waste collection on the Council's website

·         By using a registered waste carrier – check by visiting the Environment Agency website or call 0870 8 506 506.

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