Grass cutting

Before you start

We only cut grass on Council land. If the land is privately owned, then it's the responsibility of the land owner. If the land belongs to Wakefield District Housing you will need to contact them on 0345 8 507 507.

We will make sure the highway is clear from grass cuttings on the same day as it is cut. If the cuttings are not cleared that day, please let us know.

We will need to know:

  • Where the grass is
  • If the grass has been cut today

Other information

You may notice some small grass areas where the grass is being left to grow. In those areas we will make sure that people can still get to the footpaths and the borders of those areas, but the rest of the grass will be left to grow naturally.

These changes affect a small proportion of the grassed areas in Wakefield district. The rest of the grassed areas that we manage will continue to be cut as normal so that people can continue to use them.

The environmental benefits of leaving some grass to grow naturally include encouraging wild flowers to grow which will support bees and other insects, and aiding drainage to reduce flooding.

To find out about the parks and countryside areas in the Wakefield district visit our parks section.

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