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Aspire Reload

Membership payments restarted in September. If you are not ready to return yet and would prefer to keep your membership frozen please contact the membership team on 01924 307820.


Welcome Back

As you know, we closed our doors in March and have been unable to open them since.

During this time you may have seen some of our regular team around the district assisting other essential services in a number of key areas.

We have also been working hard on preparation for the point in time when we are officially able to reopen and welcome you back.

We will always follow government guidance, and be in touch to tell you exactly when this we be.

Some changes are being made to our buildings, programs and systems to ensure your safety for when you feel you would like to return.

Not all centres and activities will be available straight away, however we will shortly provide a guide of what will be open and when.

In the meantime, and to prepare you for your return to the facility, why not take part in one of our live streamed fitness classes on the Aspire Health Facebook and Instagram pages?

All Aspire memberships will remain on freeze until 1st September 2020. However if you feel like you are not ready to come back just email and we can extend your freeze until 1st December 2020.

We would like to thank you for your patience throughout this period, and look forward to seeing you soon.

If you have any queries or questions regarding the information in this email please do not hesitate to call us on 01924 307820 or email us at

Aspire facilities are now open and operating gym, classes and swimming at reduced safe numbers. 

**Currently we are working to understand how we can make Featherstone swimming pool comply with the social distancing requirements for pools. Once we are confident of a way forward we will publish an opening schedule. Until that time the pool will remain closed, this does not affect the dry side programme at Featherstone.

*Featherstone sport hall remains out of action due to temporary relocation of gym kit.

*Thornes Park remains closed  


All timetabled sessions must be booked prior to attendance. Sessions can be booked up to 6 days in advance, online or over the phone.  Timetables are subject to change as services resume and operating guidance is updated.

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Customers in Aspire facilities to wear face coverings when transiting through the building or waiting – removed on gym floors / classes / pool side.

Q. Will my membership be automatically unfrozen from your re-opening date?
A.No. We would like you to return in confidence. Therefore only when you are ready to return, you can unfreeze your membership.
Q Do I need to wear a mask?
AWe strongly advise all customers to wear a mask when waiting and moving around in site.  This does not apply to when you are using the gym, taking part in a class or swimming.  
Q What cleaning processes are in place?
AAdditional cleaning measures are in place, staff will deep clean prior to the start of each session and throughout. Users will be provided with sanitising spray to clean down equipment after each use.
Q Can I use the toilets?
AYes toilets will be available, social distancing will be in place.
Q Why are you just doing sessions?
AThis helps us manage numbers, ensure social distancing and additional cleaning between sessions.
Q How do I book my session?
APhone or online 6 days in advance.

Why do I have to book my session?


​The booking system allows us to control the numbers of customers entering the facility to ensure that we operate in line with the current Government guidelines and prevent unnecessary queuing.

Q How many sessions can I book?
AWe predict that demand maybe high so are asking users not to book more than 3 sessions per week.
Q Can I book a double session?
ANo – to ensure clean down between sessions the gym will be cleared at the end of each bookable period.
Q Can juniors attend gym and classes?
AYes – usual admissions policy applies and places need to be pre-booked.
Q Are swimming lessons back on?
ACurrent lessons will return when we feel it is safe to operate these, all those currently in our program will be contacted prior to the restart.  If you wish to enrol on a swim lesson course please contact your local pool to be added on the notification list.
Q When will my club restart?
AWe are working with individual clubs around plans to safely restart – your club will notify you when they are able to return.
Q What is beach ready?
AThis is guidance based around making changing quicker and easier to reduce touch points and time spent in changing rooms.  This means showering at home and wearing swim wear under clothes on arrival– this is not compulsory at our facilities but showers are not available.
Q Can I use a locker?
AWe are discouraging locker use for gym users to reduce contact points, as there is more space on the gym floor you could bring a small bag to place next to your equipment. – lockers will be available for swimmers when the pools reopen.
Q Can I (How do I) cancel my membership or remain on freeze?
AAll membership enquires can be handled by calling 01924 307820 or email Membership services
Q Is the Sauna and Steam room open?
ANo – these facilities are closed until further notice.
Q Are classes still running?
AYes, however the program will be limited and reduced significantly.  All classes will need to be pre booked and maximum capacities have been lowered. We aim to steadily increase the number of classes available as safe and practically possible.


​Will water fountains be available in each facility?


​Water fountains are currently not in use- please bring your own refreshments


​Should I bring my own sweat towel?


​ Personal sweat towels are not permitted in facilities at this moment in time

Can I have a shower?
​Showers are currently not available.
Can I use a hair dryer?
​Hair dryers are currently not available.
​Should face masks/coverings be worn in the pool?
​People should NOT wear masks/coverings when swimming, as these may reduce the ability to breathe comfortably.

When the mask/covering becomes wet it makes it difficult to breathe and promotes the growth of microorganisms. The most important preventative measure during exercise is to maintain physical distance.

Can my child attend a lane swim sessions?
​Children that can swim lengths and are above the age of 8 can attend a lane swimming session.
When will I be able to bring my family swimming?

​As the Government Guidance changes this will allow us to look at our programs and add sessions for the wider community.

Family Swim FAQS

How long can I swim?

​Family swims will be available to pre book for 1 hour slots 


​Bookings can be made on line or over the phone at your local Aspire facility. If you are a pay and play user we ask you to register here in the first instance to allow you to book online. 


​How much pool space?


​The whole pool is available but regular rules around who can enter the deep water still applies. 

​Are there lockers?


​Lockers or boxes ( at Normanton) are available 

​Can I borrow equipment?


​No equipment will be lent out so please bring your own armbands where necessary (leave other floats at home)


​Do I have to wear a mask?


​Adults required to wear masks when navigating the building but not when swimming. 


​Can my 12yr old attend on their own?


​All under 16's required to attend with an adult , this is a family swim not a general public session.


​Who can attend?


​When booking you will be asked your children's ages and how many adults are attending. This is to make sure we are adhering to the admissions policy/ratios-1with any child under 3

    1-1 with any children under 3

    1-2 with any children between 4-8

anyone over 8 that can swim just needs to attend with an adult and isn't part of the ratios above. 


​Can an extra adult come?


​Yes , this needs to be booked at the same time as the family swim

For other questions – please go to the Council's website and search for "Leisure" for additional information or contact the leisure team directly via their Facebook page -