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The Childcare Sufficiency Assessment and Schools Organisation Plan 2018 is a nationally recognised document produced annually to refresh the data held. It provides a consistent review of emerging early year and school place pressures in the Wakefield district and is seen as good practice.

Wakefield Council has a statutory duty to ensure there are enough school places available across the Wakefield district. The Schools Organisation Plan is reviewed annually and includes present and predicted future pupil numbers at each school across the Wakefield district, together with information about birth rates and school capacity. The Schools Organisation Plan considers the impact of recent legislation, funding and existing plans and policies as well as new housing developments in order that the Local Authority can meet its statutory duties to provide school places. The Schools Organisation Plan analyses changes in the number of school places available over the last year and suggests where other changes may be necessary in the future. The current Schools Organisation Plan includes data for the 2017/2018 academic year and is accurate as at 1 September 2018. The key priority areas for change are outlined in Section 9 of the document.

The Childcare Sufficiency Assessment and Schools Organisation Plan 2018

Wakefield District Overview

Schools Organisation - Background Information and District Overview

Schools Organisation - Primary Pyramids

Schools Organisation - Secondary Planning Areas

Schools Organisation - Catholic Schools

Schools Organisation Action Plan


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