Independent Travel Training

Independent Travel Training is a travel training programme designed to run in a school or college. We primarily work with students in receipt of an Education, Health and Care Plan in Years 10 and 11 usually on 'Assisted Transport'.

The training aims to equip young people with the skills needed to travel to and from school or college by themselves on public transport.

We have found that it can be better to start training young people sooner as part of the child's education with Years 7-9, as it promotes wider travel choice for a much longer period and reduces long term demand on specialist transport

Why is it important?

Independent Travel Training produces a "win-win" situation for the students. The personal gains for the students are enormous including: personalised support, increased self-esteem, self-confidence and social skills. The favourable long term effects include increased potential to access education, employment and leisure opportunities.

The ability to travel independently is of fundamental importance to all aspects of life, whether a person has a disability or otherwise. A lack of independent travel could ultimately create one of the most significant barriers to personal success and satisfaction. Travel Training helps prepare the students for the adult roles of pedestrian, passenger and citizen.

Benefits for parents/carers

Parents and carers are often fearful that travel training will place their child in danger by exposing them to the outside world. The Travel Training Team works hard to allay these fears by visiting parents at home and by keeping them fully informed of what the training will consist of at any given time and to see the changes as benefits:

  • The students no longer need escorting to places

  • The parents gain more respite time to do their own thing e.g. study or employment

  • Broadens the horizon of the learner away from the family

  • Travel Training changes family roles in a positive manner as it changes the way they interact with one another

  • Overall increased confidence and independence for transition into adulthood

Some students can be assessed to be unsuitable for Independent Travel Training if their needs are too great. For example:

  • On regular medication (the travel trainers are not trained to administer medication)

  • Visual Impairment (these students are referred to the VI Mobility Team)

  • Mobility Issues

  • Severe Learning Difficulties

  • Behavioural Problems (depending on the individual these students can sometimes pose a danger to themselves or others)

  • Vulnerability (Personal Issues) (depending on the individual these students can sometimes not be aware of personal danger)

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