Impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on School Appeals 

We are monitoring government guidance and are currently considering the possible impact of the coronavirus on admission appeals. There may be unavoidable delays this year in scheduling appeals due to the virus outbreak particularly as these may affect Panel Members/Local Authority representatives/Clerks who are required to attend.  The Local Authority will provide updates on this as and when further guidance is issued.

If your preference for a school place cannot be met you have the right of appeal. All appeals are organised by Committee Services. Your appeal should be submitted within 21 days from the receipt of refusal. You will be asked to complete a form, clearly stating your reasons for your appeal.

See 'Downloads' for copies of the admission appeals form.

The School Standards and Framework Act 1998 (as amended) requires all Local Authorities (LAs) and Schools who are their own Admission Authorities to make appropriate arrangements for parents to appeal against a decision made by the LA or Governing Body (GB) for refusing a child admission to a preferred school. 

The School Admission Appeals Code produced by the Department for Education governs all school admission appeals. This Guide to School Admission Appeals is relevant to Academies, Community and Church of England VC and VA Schools within the Wakefield District.

Further information can be found on the GOV.UK website.

Waiting lists

For information about waiting lists please select ‘Primary waiting list information’ or 'Secondary waiting list information’. You can contact School Admissions on 01924 306052 to find out your waiting list position.

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