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We have children and young people in our care right now who are in urgent need of a temporary or permanent home.

Many of these children have been unable to remain with their birth families because of neglect, abuse, or perhaps just because their parents are unable to cope.

Some may have suffered traumatic experiences in their short lives, others have learning difficulties or health problems.

For these children, adoption is the most effective way of giving them a new family and the fresh start they so desperately need.

They have so much to offer and all they are asking is to be part of a family. Could you be the forever family they're looking for?

Luke (aged 3) and Amelia (aged 5)

… are brother and sister who need a home together.

Luke and Amelia’s parents both have serious drug and alcohol problems resulting in them being unable to provide a safe and stable family home for them both. The court has decided the children should be found an adoptive family where they can grow up together.

Luke is a very sociable little boy who likes playing with Lego, cars and trains. He is a bright, active and independent child who likes dressing up and playing at super heroes.

Amelia is a little girl who enjoys one to one attention she is very good at arts and crafts, likes Peppa Pig and enjoys swimming. Amelia receives extra help at school at present to help her catch up with her peers.

Their foster carers describe Amelia and Luke as very loving and a joy to be around. The bond between the two children is very strong, Amelia being very protective of her brother.

Both children have said they want a forever family who will adopt and take care of them together. Could you adopt Luke and Amelia - why not contact us to find out more?

Freya aged 6

.. came into temporary foster care following severe neglect by her birth mother - her father is currently in prison.

Freya has a half-brother Mark aged 8 who is to be placed for adoption with another family however Freya will need to continue to see him a couple of times a year.

Freya’s foster carers describe her as a very bright and engaging little girl with an outgoing personality but who also needs firm boundaries to help her feel secure. .

Freya likes to dress up her many dolls and play at princesses. She also loves gymnastics and is a popular little girl at school where she is described as having excellent academic potential.

Freya has said she wants a forever family to adopt her. Could you adopt Freya - call us for an informal chat?

Alfie aged 9

….has been in foster care for almost three years.

Alfie lived with his mum and his brother until he was six years old. Alfie and his brother witnessed a lot of domestic violence and unfortunately this has impacted upon Alfie’s emotional wellbeing.

Although initially fostered long term together, a decision was made by that Alfie and his brother were separated due to the aggressive behaviour they displayed toward one another. Eventually Alfie’s younger sister was also separately fostered as his mum was unable to look after any of the siblings.

Alfie remained settled with his foster carers long term for over two years until sadly one of his carers died suddenly and the partner felt unable to continue to care for Alfie long term.

Alfie attends mainstream education where he is generally well behaved although there has been recent disruption since he learnt he cannot remain in his current placement. Alfie possesses a good sense of humour and has shown to be a helpful, responsive boy and is very empathetic towards those with disabilities both young and old. Alfie likes to engage with adults in various activities, such as arts and crafts, swimming and cubs.

Ideally Alfie needs to be the only child or the youngest child in the home in the family as he requires a lot of focused attention. Could you foster Alfie? - why not give us a call

Sasha aged 6

….has been in foster care for almost three years.

Sasha lived with her mum until she was 3 years old. Unfortunately Sasha’s mum had a long history of considerable substance use and Sasha’s older siblings were all removed from her mums care prior to Sasha’s birth.

Sasha was adopted by a single carer which was felt to be the best match given Sasha had experienced a one parent family. Unfortunately the relationship broke down due to the adopter not understanding Sasha’s attachment issues.

Since this time Sasha has settled well with an experienced foster carer and is now a chatty, pleasant little girl who is doing well in school and loves spending time with her friends. Sasha is now ready to make the move into a long term foster care..

Ideally Sasha needs to be the youngest child in the family because she will require a lot of focused attention, Sasha really would like to have a two parent family and often expresses a wish to have a daddy - could you foster Sasha? - it’s a great reward - call us to find out more.

*Cases based on children with similar needs and backgrounds. Photographs do not feature the children mentioned.

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