Different types of fostering

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We need foster carers who can help provide care for children and young people of all ages in their home. Foster care may be needed for a few months, a couple of years or much longer term, providing care for children until they reach young adulthood and are ready to live independently.

Short term fostering

Short term fostering placements can last anything from a few months to over two years. Children in short term placements need support until they return to their families or move to longer-term planned placements, including adoption.

Children often have regular contact with their birth families and a key responsibility of foster carers is to support this contact for their fostered child.

Children who need this short term care are across the age range - from infants up to teens

Unlike short-term foster care, where children usually go back to their birth families or are adopted, long-term fostering is needed when adoption isn't appropriate or an adoptive family cannot be found.

Long term fostering

Long-term placements can have massive benefits for the child, keeping them closer to their friends, family and everything they know, and allows them to settle with one family instead of having to be moved from place to place.

Children who need long term foster families are aged from around 3 years upwards, unfortunately the older the child, the more difficult it is to find them a permanent home.

For sibling groups and children with physical, learning or behavioural issues, their chances of being fostered are further reduced.

For those children that cannot be placed within local, long-term foster care, they face the added upheaval of being moved around, possibly away from their family, school and everything they know.

Experience has shown us that a child who is moved around out of their local area may find it harder to build new friendships and long-standing relationships.

Long-term fostering allows a child to grow up in a safe, secure environment, often until they reach their teens and leave care.

Remand fostering

Remand fostering provides a safe environment for young people involved in the Criminal Justice System awaiting a court date for a short period of time. The young people concerned will have committed offences that place them at risk of custody. A Remand Foster Carer would be expected to offer intensive support to challenging young people, provide them with clear guidance and boundaries and be able to communicate the consequences for not complying with any conditions given.

Connect Care - Short break scheme

Connect Care - Short Break Scheme - provides regular short break services within a Connect Carers' home for children aged 0-18 who have a significant disability. This could be a physical or learning disability, or a sensory impairment. 

Become a Connect Day Carer and provide support over a 4 - 6 hour period or become a Connect Overnight Carer and provide overnight support for at least a 24 hour period.

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