Report a problem with traffic lights or signals

​Before you start

If there has been an accident in the last 12 hours at the traffic lights or signals you are reporting a problem with, please call the contact centre on the number below as a matter of urgency instead of filling this form in.

Please ring our contact centre on 03458 506 506 if it's an urgent problem like the ones listed here:

  • Lights are stuck on red
  • Lights are off altogether
  • More than one red lamp is out
  • A signal head is twisted, loose or damaged
  • A signal head, pole or other equipment has been hit and damaged

Continue to the form if:

  • A single lamp is out
  • More than one lamp is out
  • Lights are not working properly
  • Lights are causing queues or congestion
  • The green arrow does not come on
  • There are problems with pedestrian crossings

What we need to know

  • The type of lights or signals (permanent or temporary)
  • Where the signals are
  • What the problem is
  • If you've told the Police and a log number if you have one
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