Request sandbags

Before you start

If you are at risk of flooding, we can supply you with sandbags. If the request is urgent please call 0345 8 506 506

You will need to tell us:

  • Where you need the sandbags
  • How many sandbags you need
  • Where the water is coming from
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Other information

We will provide sandbags for:

  • Care homes and hospitals​
  • Business providing a lifesaving service
  • Properties at serious risk of flooding

We will not provide sandbags for:

  • Commercial properties
  • Businesses that do not provide a lifesaving servce
  • Properties with a low risk of flooding
  • Sheds, garages, gardens and outbuildings

Sandbags may take several hours to be delivered. We will provide 10-15 sandbags for doorways.

The most urgent requests will be dealt with first and sandbags are not guaranteed.

Disposal of sandbags

Once delivered sandbags are your responsibility and you need to make arrangements to dispose of them.