Potholes and damaged pavements

Before you start

You will need to tell us:

  • Street name and area
  • Location on street - is it near a house number or road junction?
  • Description and detail of the defect or damage
  • Your name and a contact number
  • If reporting damage, the date and approximate time the damage occurred
  • Persons or vehicle registration responsible for damage (if known)
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Other information

What is our responsibility?

We have a statutory duty to maintain the highway in a safe condition.

We regularly inspect the highway network, in accordance with our Safety Surveys Policy and Defect Risk Register. How often we do it depends on how often the footway or roads are used and if anything needs attention.

What is not our responsibility?

  • Inspection covers in the pavement or road for example stop taps, fire hydrants, manholes and valve boxes
  • Walls built for non-highway purposes
  • Cellar covers
  • British Telecom or cable cabinets

Defects or damage to any of the above will be referred directly to the owner who will be asked to make the hazard safe within an appropriate time scale.

Please note that unless there is any immediate or grave danger, reports made out of normal working hours will not be investigated until the next working day.