Kerb crossing, kerb lowering and access requests

Before you start

You need permission to drop the kerb outside your property. There is a £99 administration charge for your application which must be accepted before any work can be done.

If the road you wish to access is classified (A, B, or C road) then you will need planning permission before submitting the dropped crossing application. 

What we need to know

  • If you're asking for a dropped kerb on a classified or unclassified road
  • The name of the road you'd like access from
  • Exactly where you;d like the dropped kerb
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Other information

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​​​All UK roads (excluding motorways) fall into four categories:

  • A roads – major roads intended to provide large-scale transport links within or between areas
  • B roads – roads intended to connect different areas, and to feed traffic between A roads and smaller roads on the network
  • Classified unnumbered – smaller roads intended to connect together unclassified roads with A and B roads, and often linking a housing estate or a village to the rest of the network. Similar to ‘minor roads’ on an Ordnance Survey map and sometimes known unofficially as C roads
  • Unclassified – local roads intended for local traffic. The vast majority (60%) of roads in the UK fall within this category

We do not provide a construction service for dropped crossings; you will need to employ a qualified contractor to do the work at your own cost. This is likely to be around £1,200 but varies dependent on the size and location of the dropped crossing. 

If the property is rented from a private landlord or housing association (such as Wakefield District Housing) then you will need your landlord's permission to take a vehicle into the garden.

Driveways and Hard standings

If you are constructing a driveway or hard standing which is more than five square metres in area and not using permeable paving, then you will need planning permission before to any construction can take place.

Please feel free to contact us for advice and guidance.

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