In the present

Students from The Springfield Centre in Wakefield took part in workshops with Artist Helen Thomas and Tony wade from Faceless Arts, looking at iconic buildings from Wood Street and recreating them using silk painting, to create art works to advertise the Project Launch Event to the public.


The subsequent art works formed the basis of the project branding including the backgrounds you can see here, and they were also exhibited at the launch event on Wednesday 12th October at the Town Hall in Wakefield

Over 60 people attended the launch event at Wakefield Town Hall, where they met Project Partners, heard talks about various historical aspects of the Wood Street area, took part in a silk painting activity of iconic Wood Street facades and signed up to take part in further research, oral history interviews or guided walks as part of the project.

Dave Hazard, Project Coordinator for Wakefield Council said "It was a super event, really well balanced with both activities and displays. People seemed to come in expecting a short visit but got hooked in and stayed for far longer periods. I was hugely impressed with how well it went, how good it looked and how enthused everyone was."