What to consider

You are advised to read the Validation Lists to understand what information is or maybe required with your Application. See also Streamlining the Planning Application Process document.

Please check what Planning Fees are required for your planning application and what methods of payment are available.

Copies of the Application Forms can be obtained on the Planning Portal

Most planning applications require a location plan and a site plan (also known as a block plan), to be submitted as supporting documents. The Planning Portal has four accredited suppliers to buy a Site Location Plan from

Further advice on what plans you are required to submit with your Planning Application:

Maps, Plans and Planning Applications: What to Submit

We also have a map sales service where you can purchase plans: Maps printed on demand

Planning Portal Support is provided by the Planning Portal

Electronic submissions

We encourage the use of Electronic Planning Applications and online payments via the Planning Portal

Submitting via the Planning Portal enables you to:

  • Identify the correct planning application form and to complete form on-line
  • Attach your drawings and documents on-line
  • Buy site maps on-line
  • Calculate the planning fee using the on-line fee calculator
  • Pay for your application online if you choose

The Planning Portal has Guidance notes to create and submit an application online

Please note your electronic files (drawings, and supporting documentation) should be no bigger than 5MB. Please refer to our Electronic Files Guide  and the Planning Portals Tip to help get applications validated quicker

Other considerations

You should also think about other requirements you might need to fulfil which may include: Building Regulations

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