Ossett Market


Important Information

​Town Hall, Precinct Street, Ossett, WF5 8BE ​marketossett@wakefield.gov.uk
01924 302998 (market days), 01977 727196 (all other times)
Open Market Flea Market
Tuesday8.30am - 4pm8.30am - 3pm
Friday8.30am - 4pm8.30am - 3pm



Ossett Open Market is located on the pedestrian precinct. Its 60 stalls offer flowers, fruit and vegetables, household goods, clothes, shoes, carpets, cosmetics, handbags and much more.

A Craft and Flea Market is held in Ossett Town Hall alongside the outdoor market. It offers a wide variety of goods including bric-a-brac, jams and pickles, second-hand toys and clothes, baby clothes, handmade greetings cards and second-hand books.

Opening times