Albert Henry Cass

Area: Brotherton
Born: 1887
Died: 1961
Service number: 62005
Rank: Private
Regiment / Service: York and Lancaster Regiment
Family information: Husband of Rose Ellen and father to Sarah, Thomas and Cyril.

War Service

Albert's military service reckons from 12 December 1915 when he was enlisted as a private, service number 62005 in the 3rd Battalion the York and Lancaster Regiment.

Upon enlisting his medical record shows that Albert was 5'6" tall, had a chest measurement of 39", brown hair, brown eyes and a fair complexion.

The 3rd was a reserve battalion formed in August 1914 at Pontefract. A depot/training unit, it moved on mobilisation to Cleadon and in January 1915 went on to Sunderland then moved in August 1915 to Durham but returned to Sunderland in February 1916 where it remained as part of the Tyne Garrison.

Albert remained in the reserve from 13 December 1915 until 12 July 1918. From then until 12 January 1919 he was placed on the Z list, liable for recall if required.

From the information given on the discharge sheet it was his intention to return to Brotherton and to coal mining.

Family Life

The family background of Albert is somewhat shrouded. He was born in Riccall towards the end of 1887 but as of yet the names of his parents are unknown. The earliest record of him is found in the 1891 Census. Even here there is no clear indication of his parentage. He was resident in the home of William Houfe and his wife Martha. In all, there were another 12 occupants including George (son aged 27), Ann E (daughter aged 23), Emma (daughter 17), Amelia (daughter 17), Thomas (son 12), Rebecca (daughter 10),Frances (granddaughter 7), George W ( grandson 3), Alfred (grandson 2 mths), Jane E Cass ( no indication of relationship as it states she is a 'wife' (36), John W (son 7), Albert H (son 3). All except Jane were given surname of Houfe

Given that William and his wife Martha were 59 and 57 respectively it is likely that all of the youngest of the occupants including Albert were actually their grandchildren. Given that Albert used the name Cass in all other records it is probable that Jane was his mother and his father was absent for some reason. However, doubt is cast on this assumption by the fact that on his army discharge sheet (see later) he gave the name of his father and mother as John and Elizabeth.

William Houge (Houfe) was a farm labourer as were all his working age sons and daughters. They were resident in Dam End Road,Riccall. By 1911 William was widowed and to be found in Selby work house.

In 1901 13 year old Albert H. Cass is found living on Monk Fryston Road, Fairburn living with a Frank Turley, a miner, and his wife Elizabeth along with their daughters Elizabeth aged 7 and Jane aged 5. Curiously, Albert is described as 'son-in-law' which is clearly wrong. Given the name Elizabeth is common to his army record of his mother's name and Frank Turley's wife it may be that he was a 'step-son'.

In 1911 Albert was himself a miner and living in 6 New Row, Fairburn with Frank and Elizabeth Turley as his lodgers.

In August 1911 Albert married Rose Ellen Brook of Fairburn, the marriage being registered in Tadcaster.

The couple had two children - Sarah Elizabeth born in Fairburn on 3 April 1912 and Thomas born in Brotherton on 12 November 1914. This would indicate that Albert moved to Brotherton in the period between the births of his children.

After the War

In March 1921 Albert and Rose had a third child - Cyril.

The family moved to live in the new estate at Marsh Croft.

Thomas Cass died in 1943 having lived at 107 King's Way, Ladybalk, Pontefract.

Albert Henry was buried in Brotherton on 28 October 1961 and had still been living in Marsh Croft.

On 14 March 1968, having moved to 9a West Acres, Byram, Rose Ellen passed away.

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