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What is a recruitment 'bank'?

A recruitment bank is a list of people who have expressed an interest in a particular job type. They applied for a job advert, but no actual vacancy exists at the time of the advert.

Why do we use recruitment banks?

We advertise a number of administrative jobs over the course of the year in services across the Council and recruit separately for each. We use recruitment banks to advertise similar job types so we don't have to repeat advertisements and to reduce costs.

How does the recruitment bank work?

We will place an advert for a job for candidates to apply for. Candidates are asked to complete an application form specifying how they meet the essential criteria for the role, accompanied with examples.

We make an initial shortlist of applications against the person specification and invite candidates to an assessment centre. Successful applicants will then form a ‘bank’ of candidates who are ready for the job. 

When a suitable job is available, we will let the applicants in the 'bank' know. The recruiting manager will make another shortlist and those people will be invited to attend a short interview.

Candidates details will be held in the 'bank' for up to six months.

Successful entry onto the recruitment bank, does not guarantee employment with us.