Supportive Continuous Professional Development Framework

The Children and Young people’s (CYP) Workforce Development Team co-ordinates and commissions learning opportunities to meet the needs of our CYP Workforce, particularly focussed on statutory and mandatory training. In addition the Wakefield Local Safeguarding Children’s Board provides free access to a range of e-learning courses through their Virtual College

Specific examples include:

Social Work Teaching Partnership

We recently submitted a bid to the Government for a Social Work Teaching Partnership with Leeds Council.  We were successful and have been chosen as one of only 15 Social Work Teaching Partnerships in the country.

The Teaching Partnership is an employer led partnership between Universities and Councils to deliver gold-standard training for social workers - raising standards and supporting councils in recruiting and retaining the best social workers and giving them greater control over the hiring of frontline professionals. This will improve the recruitment, retention and development of social workers and the overall quality of practice.

The partnership is an accredited partnership between higher education providers and employers which deliver high quality training for social work students and qualified practitioners and equips them to practise to specified standards in statutory settings.

Strengthening Practice Programme

As part of our Children’s Services continuous improvement, we have invested in a package of training for children and young people’s Social Workers called the Strengthening Practice Programme and Strengthening Practice couldn’t be better named.

The introduction of Signs of Safety (SoS) in 2014 created a new way of doing things in Wakefield. It was introduced as part of a shift in the way we function, indeed a fundamental shift in our culture.  As Eileen Munro refers in ‘You Can’t Grow Roses
in Concrete’ “…the SoS Innovations Project has sought to help local authorities
achieve a fundamental shift in their functioning and assist them to move from a
fearful compliance culture described in the Munro Review to a learning culture”.

Social Workers completing the course will learn new approaches and tools around critical thinking and analysis, good decision making, partnership working and empowering children and their families. The content is built on successful evidence based interventions and complements Signs of Safety.

The Strengthening Practice Programme will continue to develop skills as a practicing Social Worker and support with providing evidence of Continuous
Professional Development required for HCPC.  It runs for eighteen months.