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Information about our Responsible Landlords Scheme

If you are thinking of becoming a landlord, or are already a landlord within the Wakefield District you will find all the information you need here. Details of our responsible landlord scheme, your responsibilities as a landlord and what financial assistance is available through the Council are below.

Wakefield Responsible Landlord Scheme

This scheme supports landlords who provide good quality homes and safe housing that exceeds the minimum statutory standards.

The benefits of joining include:

  • regulation and legislation updates as they happen
  • free professional training courses
  • promotion through Wakefield council website
  • access to interest free loans to bring empty properties back in to use
  • reduced HMO licensing costs
  • free waste tipping created by tenants
  • opportunities to lease directly to Wakefield council
  • discounts on goods and services from local companies and trades persons

To become a member of the accredited landlord scheme both the property and landlord are checked to ensure:

  • the condition of the accommodation is suitable
  • good level of housing management/maintenance
  • good standard of tenant support/customer service

For more information call Housing Standards team on 01924 306665

Landlord Responsibilities

As a landlord, you must:

It's your responsibility to:

If you do not carry out your responsibilities, you may be investigated and formal action taken by Wakefield Council or other enforcing authority.

Further information about enforcement

For more information about enforcement visit our enforcement webpage or call the Housing Standards team on 01924 306665

Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO)

If you let your property to several tenants who aren't members of the same family, it may be a 'House in Multiple Occupation' (HMO). Mandatory licensing is now applicable to more Houses in Multiple Occupation. Full information about HMO’s and licensing requirements can be found here

Reoccupation Loans

If you have a property that needs repairs or work to be carried out to allow it to be used again, you may be eligible for an interest free loan with the Council. You could borrow £5000 repayable over 2 years to bring a property up to standard so that it can be rented out.

The Council will work with you to establish the works required in line with our minimum standards as part of our Wakefield Responsible Landlord Scheme.

For more information, or advice call Housing Standards team on 01924 306665

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