Supported housing

If you need practical support to live independently, there are a number of supported housing projects in Wakefield that may be able to help you. These are run by a variety of organisations for a wide range of people with different support needs.

Some supported housing services accept applications direct from the public, but others require a referral from another agency. Schemes will want to know about your housing and support needs. This often means getting information from other people such as your doctor or social worker.

Supported housing for older people

Independent Living Schemes

Designed for those needing some support, particularly older or more vulnerable people. Residents are able to retain an independent lifestyle, but with the added security of 24 hour assistance in the event of emergencies.

Accommodation will usually be self-contained flats or bungalows, with a built-in alarm system and a warden or scheme manager in place to oversee the running of the site.

Residents sometimes pay an additional service charge. This contributes towards services such as the scheme manager, gardening and building repairs. The amount you have to pay will vary, you will need to check.

Independent Living Schemes are available through some social housing providers in the district, including WDH and Anchor. An assessment may be carried out to look at your suitability for these schemes and age restrictions often apply.

Extra Care Schemes

Offers a higher level of support than sheltered housing but suits those looking for less assistance than that provided by a care home.

Residents live in self-contained flats, meals may be provided and staff are often available to provide personal care. The minimum age can vary between schemes, contact the social housing provider for further information.

Supported housing for young people

Supported accommodation is available for young people aged 16 years and over, who cannot remain in their current home. If you have never lived on your own, you might find running a home much more difficult than you imagined.

A supported housing placement can help you learn to live within set boundaries where rules must be followed. This assists you in gaining life skills to help you to live on your own, such as managing your finances, job and training applications, and learning how to cook.

You will be expected to follow certain rules set out by the scheme provider. The provider will also explain to you what you can expect in terms of support.

For more information regarding eligibility please contact the Housing Needs Service on 01924 304362