Homeowner support

Homeowner support - help with mortgages

We have a number of support packages to help local residents struggling with their mortgage payments. They are aimed at homeowners at risk of losing their homes through repossession. 

Mortgage Breathing Space Loans

A helping hand for homeowners who are struggling to pay their mortgage or a secured loan

We may be able to help you if you are worried that you may lose your home because of debt problems. A Mortgage Breathing Space loan can help homeowners who are at risk of becoming homeless.

If you qualify for help, we could give you an interest free, secured loan of between £2,000 and £15,000.  The loan can be used to clear arrears or pay your future payments for up to 12 months on your secured loan or mortgage.

To qualify for a loan you must:

  • Own and live in the property
  • Only own one property
  • Owe less money in total on your mortgage and/or secured loan than your property is worth

The loan can be used to stop legal action on your home by your lender and let you stay there if you can afford to pay your mortgage in the future.  If you can't afford your future payments, we can still give you a loan to stop legal action while you sell your home.

  • We don't charge you any fees or charges
  • The loan is interest free so you only pay back the amount you borrow
  • With up to three years to pay back your loan
  • No payments to make until the end of the three year period/ or until you sell your home if this happens first

If you don't qualify for a loan we will can still look at ways to help you and it's never too late, call us for more information on 01924 305892 or email at mortgagehelp@wakefield.gov.uk

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