What can affect our health?

Everything we do can have an effect on our health and the health of others. This is because health is shaped by a complicated mix of different things and not just whether you have an injury or illness.

These are known as the 'wider determinants of health' and can include:

  • Where we live 

    The condition and location of our homes and the quality of the wider environment
  • What type of work we do

    Whether we have a job, whether that job is satisfying, how much we get paid and our working conditions
  • Our genetics

    Whether our family have certain health conditions
  • Our lifestyle

    What we eat, whether we drink or smoke and how active we are
  • Our education

    Whether we have the knowledge and skills to lead a healthy, fulfilling and productive life
  • Our wealth

    How much money we have to spend on life's essentials and those little luxuries
  • Our social relationships

    I we have friends and family and how well we get along with them
  • Global factors

    Climate change and the world economy

In Wakefield we are working to improve the wider factors that impact on peoples' health and wellbeing. Here are a few areas we are focussing on:

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