Tick tock test

As part of the Fire Kills campaign, the Government is urging people across the county to Tick Tock Test their smoke alarms monthly and is suggesting a good time to start is when they put their clocks back this weekend (Sunday 29 October).

For many people testing smoke alarms is often low on their list of priorities, so the Fire Kills campaign is asking people to make an online pledge, via their Facebook page, to test their smoke alarms.

Most people think that a fire will never break out in their home but you’re at least four times more likely to die in a fire in your home if you do not have a working smoke alarm.

A simple push of the ‘test’ button only takes seconds, so make sure it’s added to your spring to-do list as it could save your life and the lives of family, friends and neighbours – especially older people who need help testing. Sadly, over half of all people who die in fires in the home are aged 65 or over.

Fire Kills has also teamed up with MyAgeingParent.com to encourage those with older mums and dads to test their parents’ smoke alarms as well as their own when the clocks change. 

Smoke is responsible for over half of all deaths in accidental fires in homes. A working smoke alarm is the best way to make sure you have enough time to get out, stay out and dial 999.

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