Mental health support

One in four adults experience at least one mental health problem in any one year. It is the largest single cause of disability.

Mental health problems can lead to many problems, including low mood and depression, anger and anxiety. If you, or a loved one, are experience mental health problems, getting help and support is essential.

Your GP can provide advice on the support that is available, or you can also get support from the services listed below.

If you want advice on how manage and improve your mental wellbeing, see our information on the five ways to wellbeing.

Local support services

​Intervention​State of mind​Support services
Crisis /
Going to immediately harm self or othersEmergency services: 999

You are concerned about the safety or well-being of an adult at risk or older person (e.g. visible signs of injury, malnourished)

Social Care Direct: 0345 8 503 503
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Hearing voices/seeing things
  • Mentions they have a Psychiatrist/Nurse
  • Mentions they have bipolar/personality disorder
  • Serious hoarding behaviour
  • Unable to leave the house
  • Not making sense at all when talking
  • Displaying distressing behaviours
  • Ask them to ring their GP Practice
  • Ask them to ring NHS 111 for advice
  • Encourage them to re-engage with mental health services if already engaged
  • Advise them to call the Samaritans
Support from
  • Problems with low mood/tearfulness
  • Feeling down/anxious
  • Feeling irritable/stressed
  • Poor sleep
  • Not been up to much
  • Poor concentration
  • House very untidy
  • Poor self-care (not getting dressed etc)
Self Care
  • Not feeling right, stressed
  • Not feeling quite themselves
  • Don't see many people
  • Isolated
  • Not sleeping
  • Ask them to self-refer to
    Turning Point Talking Therapies  on: Tel: 01924 234860
  • Ask them what they enjoy and encourage activities that contribute to 5 ways to wellbeing – Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Give, Keep Learning
Key Questions: How are you feeling at the moment? What is your mood like? What have you been up to recently? ​ ​


Inspiring Recovery (Drug and Alcohol Services) – Tel: 0300 123 1912

Secondary Care Mental Health Services (SWYPFT) – via client's own GP or call 01924 316900

WDH Mental Health Navigators – Tel: 01977 724403

Samaritans (24hours confidential support line) – Tel: 01924 116123


Turning Point Talking Therapies – Tel: 01924 234860

Remploy (Mental Health employment services) – Tel: 0300 456 8081

Live Well Wakefield – Tel: 01924 255 363

Age UK – Tel: 01977 552476 or e-mail:

Wakefield Carers – Tel: 01924 305544

Well Women's Centre – Tel: 01924 211114 or e-mail:

Self Care

Turning Point Talking Therapies – Tel: 01924 234860

Nova – Voluntary organisation in Wakefield. They will have details of community centres, activities and what's available locally for people. Tel: 01924 367418

Live Well Wakefield (for older adults) – Tel: 01924 255 363

Mental Health Museum

This museum houses a remarkable collection of mental health related objects that span the history of mental health from the early 19th century through to the present day.

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