Community meals

Meals delivered to your door

There are a number of organisations that can provide meals to adults and older people who have difficulty in preparing a meal in their own homes. You do not need an assessment from Adult Social Care Services to access these services. However, if you also have other needs you may want to contact Social Care Direct or complete the online referral form for further advice and information.

Delivered Hot Meals

The Royal Voluntary Service (RVS) can deliver hot or frozen meals and now snacks, to your door 365 days of the year or for anyone who may need delivery on a temporary basis. Their trained staff delivers the pre-ordered meals in specially equipped vans. This means that food is delivered fresh and at the right temperature.

There is a cost for the meals.

Contact WRVS by visiting their website or by calling 01977 696840

You could also contact your local food delivery services to organise delivery of hot or cold meals.

Frozen Meals

WRVS has a frozen meal service that offers a choice of over 100 main courses and desserts.

You order your meals from a colour brochure. Each customers' order is individually packed and delivered by the WRVS staff. They can also pack the food in your freezer if you are unable to do so.

Deliveries are usually made once a fortnight but you can have more if you need it.

Having frozen meals means that you can cook them in a microwave or conventional oven at a time to suit yourself. There is a wide variety to choose from including food for special dietary needs and ethnic requirements. The telephone number is 01977 696840

Alternatively, there are internet based organisations that provide frozen meals delivery service – such as

Luncheon Clubs

There are a number of luncheon clubs within the Wakefield district. Many of them are run by voluntary organisations who work with local schools and communities to start new clubs.

For a full list of lunch clubs in the Wakefield District, view Age UK Wakefield District's directory of social activity groups and lunch clubs by contacting Age UK Wakefield District on telephone number 01977 552114.

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