Connecting care closer to home

Working Together To Improve Health And Social Care

Some NHS and Council workers, together with the voluntary sector  in Wakefield District, will be part of a new scheme to pioneer integrated care which is a new way of working between a number of organisations in particular Health, Social Care and the voluntary sector to deliver more joined up service closer to home where possible for citizens.  The aim of the project is to help people to remain more independent for longer whilst receiving health and social care in their own home where possible

Along with a number of other areas from around the country Wakefield district will see changes to the way older people with health or social care needs or those with long-term health concerns receive their care and support. Doctors, social care staff, hospitals and voluntary services will work together, sharing information to make sure services run smoother as this scheme is rolled out over the next few years.

Benefits For Citizens

When this new system is in place it will mean health, social care professionals and voluntary services can better identify  people who are most at risk of going into hospital and, by appointing one care co-ordinator -  put together where applicable a co-ordinated health and social care package to support individuals at home. 

If a person is admitted to hospital, the staff there will be able to work with community health staff and social care staff to help them return home or to a temporary residential setting sooner with the right support in place.  Sharing information between social and health care professionals on a regular basis should mean shorter hospital stays because people will be getting the right kind of care at home. It will also stop the need for different professionals visiting the same person and asking the same questions thus potentially causing unnecessary distress for the  person concerned and their families.

Teams currently in the South East of the District and North West of the District have been working  with some families and individuals  to create the new ways health and social services will work together, these new ways of working are now being rolled out throughout the whole district in the coming months.

Wakefield chosen as national 'pioneer' of joined-up health and social care

Health and social care organisations in Wakefield District have been recognised as 'pioneers' for their commitment to providing more joined up care, closer to home for its citizens.

The District has been announced as one of ten 'Wave Two Integrated Care Pioneers' selected from across the country today by the Care and Support Minister, Norman Lamb for its ground breaking approach to 'connecting care' and will benefit from additional funding and resources to support this work. Find out more.

See what this means for people living in the south east of Wakefield district where the first network team was set up in April:

 Find out more on the Connecting Care Wakefield webite