Shared lives

Shared Lives provides both long and short term placements for adults in the Wakefield District with:

  • learning disabilities
  • physical disabilities
  • mental health difficulties
  • and older people

What does a Shared Lives Carer do?

Carers offer people many of the important things of living in a family home such as:

  • help with day-to-day living
  • providing someone with their own personal space
  • emotional as well as physical support, and
  • a sense of belonging to and being part of a family and the community

Who can be a Shared Lives Carer?

Shared Lives Carers come from a variety of backgrounds and age groups. They are ordinary people with the time, commitment and genuine desire to help others. Carers can be single people living alone, couples or families.

Shared Lives Carer do not need experience or special qualifications and support and on-going training is provided.

A Carer can support up to three people at any one time, on either short or long term basis, although this is dependent upon what they would like to offer and having the space in their home and life to do this

Attributes required for Shared Lives Carers

Values and attitudes
  • Non-judgemental
  • Open and honest
  • Able to talk openly and easily with a range of people including professionals
  • Able to adapt to situations
  • Ability to empathise
  • Able to maintain professional boundaries
Personal characteristics
  • Positive approach
  • Willingness to learn new things
  • Relevant life experience that the person can translate into the role of Shared Lives Carer
  • Awareness of needs of service users even if no in-depth knowledge of conditions
  • Sufficient bedrooms for number of people proposed with adequate space for furniture and personal possessions
  • Clean safe and well maintained
Physical Health
  • Generally in good health
  • No specific qualifications
  • Able to provide personal, work and medical referees
If you wish to discuss any of the above with our staff please call the Shared Lives Service on 01977 722254

Are Shared Lives Carers paid?

Once approved as a self-employed Shared Lives Carer you would receive a weekly allowance which is currently between £198 and £581 per week and based upon the needs of the person being supported. You also benefit from generous tax arrangements.

How can I become a Shared Lives Carer?

For more information and an application please email or phone 01977 722254 for an informal chat

How can I get a Shared Lives Carer?

To access the Shared Lives Service, a referral needs to be made through a social worker/professional assessment. This would establish the persons needs can be most appropriately met within the Shared Lives service in line with a care plan.

Placements will be dependent on the recruitment of appropriate carers who have the facilities, skills and interests to meet the needs of the service user. The service is intended to meet a wide diversity of need during placement by matching the service user’s needs with the appropriate Shared Lives carer skills.​​

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