We are committed to working with Historic England over the coming years to protect the ruins at Sandal Castle  As with all historic buildings work to conserve the ruins is an ongoing task. 

We have identified the work that is needed to reopen the bridges and walkways and Councillors have approved plans for more than £700,000 to be invested in the site.

Further updates on planned conservation work at Sandal Castle will be published here and on our Facebook Page.


More than £700,000 will be invested in the Sandal Castle site. This will be used for the following:

  • Replace one of the bridges and repair the other one, using hardwearing materials to ensure sustainability in the future
  • Repair and/or replace the steps to the Keep and the decking on the top using hardwearing materials
  • Remove vegetation and saplings growing in the monument and causing damage
  • Carry out a programme of conservation work to the stonework and replace lime mortar as needed


The former visitor centre was converted into the Castle Café which is run by a local Sandal family. Here you will find homemade cakes, daily specials cooked fresh on site, ice-creams and hot and cold drinks. Everyone is warmly welcome and offers a fantastic view of the castle.


New drainage was installed along the paths to reduce the damage caused by rainfall run off.


Paths around the site were resurfaced and 7 new information signs were installed giving visitors a fuller picture of what the ruins at Sandal would have looked like. 

Download the boards


Wakefield Council with funding from WREN and the George Hyde Legacy, which is managed by English Heritage (now Historic England) undertook £90,000 worth of conservation and access works on the ruins at Sandal Castle. 

The work included new steps giving access to the two moats and fully conserving the ruins of the castle's Great Hall – also known as the Sandal Arches.  

Significant sections of new stonework were inserted to strengthen the ruins. Large sections were re-pointed, removing hard cement-based mortar and replacing it with lime-based mortar.

Re-pointing and the removal of ivy and saplings was carried out to the Barbican.

            Before re-pointingAfter re-pointing


Further updates on planned conservation work at Sandal Castle will be published here and on our Facebook Page .

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