Town and Parish Council election results 2019

Download the details of the Parish Elections 2019 uncontested seats

Turnout details for contested seats

Parish nameElectorateBallot papersTurnout (%)
North Elmsall286864922.63
South Kirkby and Moorthorpe - South Kirkby ward6453132320.50
Ackworth - Moor Top4380108824.84
Ackworth - High and Low Ackworth153454935.79
Hemsworth Town Council - Fitzwilliam ward191140321.09
Hemsworth Town Council - Kinsley ward151636924.34
Hemsworth Town Council - South ward248357022.96
Hemsworth Town Council - West ward131227020.58

Please note the turn-out figures shown below are not correct - please refer to the table above.  Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. All other figures are accurate.​

All results are now in and shown below.

Ackworth - High and Low Ackworth - 4 seat(s)
COOK, Amanda Jayne (Elected)Labour Party19116.0
GALVIN, Michael Christopher (Elected)Labour Party16413.7
HAMES, Tony (Elected)The Conservative Party27723.2
MALKIN, HarryLabour Party16013.4
MARSHALL, Gwen (Elected)Independent Non-Political Community26221.9
OVENDEN, LizLabour Party14111.8
% turnout77.9
Total Votes1,195
Ackworth - Moor Top - 8 seat(s)
BALFOUR, Sarah (Elected)Labour Party4299.8
BELL, John (Elected)Labour Party3979.1
BLAND, Nathan WilliamLabour Party3598.2
GARBUTT, Allan William (Elected)Labour Party3908.9
HARDMAN, John (Elected)Independent46710.7
HOLLYHEAD, Sue (Elected)Labour Party4319.8
HOLLYHEAD, Terry (Elected)Labour Party3898.9
JOHNSON, David ThomasLabour Party3407.8
RICHMOND, Sean Phillip (Elected)Independent Non-Political Community4099.3
ROBERTS, Martin Paul (Elected)The Yorkshire Party48911.2
TATTERSALL, Michael ThomasLabour Party2836.5
% turnout100
Total Votes4,383
Badsworth - 5 seat(s)
CARRINGTON, Jessica Louise (Elected)Labour Party629.4
CRAWSHAW, Dan (Elected)16625.3
GRAHAM, Brenda (Elected)8813.4
HUSKISSON, Kathryn (Elected)9113.9
PARKINSON, Tony599.0
SMITH, Peter (Elected)19129.1
% turnout100
Total Votes657
Hemsworth Town Council - Fitzwilliam Ward - 3 seat(s)
DODSON, Peg (Elected)Labour Party23123.3
PRINGLE, David AndrewIndependent979.8
RICHARDSON, JohnIndependent11811.9
STRATFORD, TomIndependent12312.4
WESTMORLAND, Ann (Elected)Labour Party21822.0
WESTMORLAND, Geoff (Elected)Labour Party20320.5
% turnout51.8
Total Votes990
Hemsworth Town Council - Kinsley Ward - 3 seat(s)
ECCLES, Harry Gordon (Elected)Independent15318.2
ECCLES, Jean Elizabeth (Elected)Independent15117.9
HARDACRE, Peter (Elected)Independent17821.1
NICHOLSON, ColinLabour Party9811.6
SCHOFIELD, David AlanLabour Party12414.7
SWIFT, DoreenLabour Party13816.4
% turnout55.5
Total Votes842
Hemsworth Town Council - South Ward - 3 seat(s)
BUGGE, Steve (Elected)Independent28720.8
HIRST, Graham (Elected)Independent29321.3
KITCHING, PaulineLabour Party20014.5
MITCHELL, Eric (Elected)Independent21015.2
UPSON, TonyLabour Party20614.9
WOOTTON, Frank SilvesterLabour Party18213.2
% turnout55.5
Total Votes1,378
Hemsworth Town Council - West Ward - 3 seat(s)
COLPUS, Mark AndrewIndependent9316.7
COLVIN, Ken (Elected)Labour Party10719.2
MELLOWS, WinnLabour Party8915.9
PRINGLE, Linda (Elected)Independent9416.8
WOMERSLEY, Ian (Elected)17531.4
% turnout42.5
Total Votes558
North Elmsall - 10 seat(s)
ABEL, Jane Elizabeth (Elected)Community Minded2755.8
COSTELLO, Pauline (Elected)Community Minded2946.2
DALE, LiamLabour Party2054.3
GOODALL, Nicola JayneLabour Party2375.0
HIRST, Mary Kathleen (Elected)Community Minded2986.3
HOBSON, Claire LouiseLabour Party2425.1
JOHNSON, RitaLabour Party2224.7
MEARS, Bryan Henry (Elected)Labour Party2435.1
MILES, Joyce (Elected)Community Minded2906.1
NEWTON, Lyn (Elected)Community Minded2455.2
OXBY, Peter JosephLabour Party2164.6
PALLETT, Les (Elected)Community Minded3116.6
SCOTT, SteveLabour Party2344.9
SPENCER, Stephen JohnLabour Party2294.8
SWAIN, Dale LouiseLabour Party2334.9
TALLON, Barry James (Elected)Community Minded2645.6
THORNTON, Kirsty Michelle Georgina (Elected)Community Minded2445.2
WALKER, Tracey (Elected)Community Minded2445.2
WILSON, Paul RobertLabour Party2104.4
% turnout100
Total Votes4,736
South Kirkby and Moorthorpe - South Kirkby - 10 seat(s)
ALLSOPP, Thomas James (Elected)4107.5
BRYAN, Jordan Phillip (Elected)Labour Party4297.8
FAULKNER, Denise (Elected)Labour Party58610.7
HARRISON, Laurie3596.5
PARKINSON, Tony (Elected)4337.9
ROBINSON, Charles (Elected)Labour Party4307.8
STOREY, Michael CurtisLabour Party3716.8
SYKES, Joyce Ena (Elected)Independent (Non-Political)4357.9
TILLISON, Aaron Anthony (Elected)Labour Party4528.2
TUNSTALL, Joyce (Elected)Labour Party5129.3
WHITEHOUSE, Christine Elizabeth (Elected)Labour Party4678.5
WHITEHOUSE, Lynne (Elected)Labour Party59810.9
% turnout85.0
Total Votes5,482
Upton - 5 seat(s)
DAVISON, Kath (Elected)Community Minded44714.9
DROBIG, Clive Raymond Christopher (Elected)Community Minded39013.0
GOODALL, PhilLabour Party2066.9
MEARS, PennyLabour Party2267.5
MILES, Arthur Jerome (Elected)Community Minded40313.4
PALLETT, Steven Mark (Elected)Community Minded45915.3
STEVENS, Margaret Hannah (Elected)Community Minded45915.3
SWAIN, JoeLabour Party2227.4
WILSON, KayleighLabour Party1936.4
% turnout100
Total Votes3,005