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Statutory Review of Polling Districts, Polling Places and Polling Stations

The initial consultation period to the review ended with 23 submissions being received. These are now set out in the Initial Recommendations report along with general considerations being taken into account as part of the review. Work is now underway to examine the submissions in detail and to assess their feasibility.

Comments on the initial recommendations are welcome until Friday, 25 October 2019. 
Any comments should be sent to register@wakefield.gov.uk or by post to PD Review, Electoral Services, Room 45, County Hall, Wakefield, WF1 2QW.

What is the Review?

We are required by law to carry out a periodic review of the polling districts and polling places in our area.

The Electoral Services Team will also assess the polling stations which are currently in use as part of the wider review of polling districts and polling places.

Available to download are the terms of reference and the supporting guidance for the review. These provide more detailed information about the process.

Review timetable

The review is divided into separate consultation periods with the intended completion date by 1 December 2019. A timetable of the main stages of the process is listed below.

Launch of review

Initial consultation period begins

26 July 2019


Initial consultation period ends

Preparation of initial recommendations begins


6 September 2019

Publication of initial recommendations

Second consultation period begins


27 September 2019

Second consultation period ends

Preparation of final recommendations begins


18 October 2019

Final recommendations are published

1 November 2019


Final recommendations approved by Full Council

13 November 2019


Revised Register of electors published on boundaries as set out in final recommendations


By 1 December 2019



Representations to the review

Any individual is able to make a representation. Please read the documents in the download section of this page before making a representation.

Written representations can be submitted to:

Electoral Services
Room 45
County Hall

Or by email to register@wakefield.gov.uk

All representations will be acknowledged individually but will not receive written individual responses. However, all representations will be referred to in the reports produced as part of the review.

Please note that all correspondence received in connection with the review will be published. Any correspondence and representations received will be anonymised before publication to remove the names and addresses of individuals.

2018 Boundary Review

The Boundary Commission for England is the independent organisation responsible for reviewing parliamentary constituency boundaries. The Commission has now published its final report and the recommendations have been laid in Parliament. The recommendations have been published on the website at https://boundarycommissionforengland.independent.gov.uk/2018-review/.

The Government must now prepare the Statutory Instrument necessary to implement the recommendations. This must be voted on by both Houses of Parliament. If approved, the new boundaries will be in place at the next General Election.

The next General Election is scheduled to take place in 2022.

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