Wakefield West No 20 ward by-election

Persons nominated

Surname ​Other Names Description
​GRAHAM​Michael Paul​Labour Party
​HUNT​Dawn Lesley​Conservative Party Candidate
​PHELPS​Paul​The Yorkshire Party
​WILLIAMS​Peter John​Liberal Democrats

Poll cards have been sent to all electors eligible to vote in this by election. If you are not registered to vote or have moved house recently, you can register now on the gov.uk website. The deadline to register to vote in the by-election is Tuesday, 7 November. 

Annual electoral registration canvass

You may have recently received an annual canvass form in the post. This is for next year’s electoral register. The form should still be completed, but you may also need to register to vote for the by-election.

If you need to check whether you are correctly registered to vote, please contact Electoral Services on 01924 305023.

Postal and proxy votes 

Applications for a postal vote must be made by 5pm on Wednesday 8 November. To vote by proxy, the deadline is 5pm on Wednesday, 15 November.  If you want an application form for a postal or proxy vote, please contact Electoral Services on 01924 305023 or visit www.yourvotematters.co.uk

Polling stations

Polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm on 23 November. 

You can check if you are registered, or ask for further assistance, by calling 01924 305023 or email elections@wakefield.gov.uk

Ballot papers

Postal ballot packs containing ballot papers will be issued to voters from 13 November.  Any electors who have not received their postal pack by Friday, 17 November should contact Electoral Services on 01924 305023.

Information for candidates and agenets

Contact us

Electoral Services
01924 305023