Mayor's Charity Appeal

“I have chosen to primarily support the Pinderfields Regional Burns Unit during my term of office. I may also share some of the money raised amongst a number of other local charities that I may visit during my Mayoral year.”

Pinderfields Regional Burns Unit (Adults)

Money received into our charitable fund helps pay for essential equipment to make the stay of the seriously injured person more comfortable which aids recovery and rehabilitation following a burn injury.

The fund also provides for staff education which allows staff to keep up to date with advances and innovations in burn care ensuring that the person with a burn injury receives the most up to date evidence based care.

Pinderfields Burns Club

Childhood burns are painful, traumatic and devastating and can have a significant lifelong impact on the child and their family. Pinderfields Burns Club was designed to help children face the challenges of suffering a burn injury, in an atmosphere of fun, support and rehabilitation. The Burns Club opened in 1998 and has a membership of 180 and rising. It provides an opportunity for young people who needed treatment at the Regional Burns Unit to meet with others who have had similar experiences and join in with activities and events.

Camps are based at residential activity centres across the country with access to outdoor activities. They provide a secure environment where young people can be themselves, away from some of the pressures which come from being 'different'.

Pinderfields Paediatric Regional Burns Unit has a catchment area of 3.5 million people across the Yorkshire and Humber region and is accessed by 19 Emergency Departments (as well as Walk in Centres and GP Surgeries). This poses significant challenges for the implementation of the Burns Club Programme, particularly surrounding transport for day events. However the dedicated Burns Unit staff and volunteers accommodate every child who requests such support.

The work of the Regional Burns Unit has recently been recognised by the Duke of York’s Community Initiative.

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