Your local area and Ward

Area Action Plans

The Local Area Plans outline the priorities for communities across the district. These priorities are identified following consultation with local residents, businesses, community groups, councillors, and other partners including Police, Health, Fire and WDH. As well as these local priorities, over the next year we will be prioritising ‘good growth’ right across the Wakefield district. There are three key elements to good growth:

  • growing good businesses
  • growing good jobs
  • growing resilient communities. 

During 2017 we will focus on these priorities, so that we can make the Wakefield District a better place to work, live, learn and visit. 

For more information and important facts and figures about your local area you can also visi: The Wakefield Observatory

Your Community, Your Newsletter

On a quarterly basis we aim to produce local area newsletters to update you on projects that our Communities Team have been supporting and working on with local partners within your community. These projects link to the Local Area Plans and help to contribute to achieving the priorities within the Plan. 

We want to hear from you…

Please let us know about ant positive activities of local groups/residents that we can include as good news stories in future newsletters and dates of any forthcoming events. Also let us know how we can work together to support you to improve the local area. If you have any suggestions for future issues of the newsletter, please let us know by contacting